Kick out the goods

Coming Soon

PageKicker will be launching later this year. For more information, check our our Media page; use this contact form ; or send email to fred at pagekicker doht com. 

We are devoted to algorithmic analysis, assembly, and creation of content via anthropomorphism-friendly robot authors. 

We provide services to publishers, authors, and readers.

Most of our functionality is behind closed doors right now, but you may enjoy trying out the Document Analysis Tools. Submit a PDF, mobi or txt file and you will receive an email back with:

  • A programmatic text summary
  • A readability analysis
  • Key phrases
  • 5100 x 6600 poster-sized wordcloud (you can shrink to your convenience)
  • A montage of all the images in the document (think of it as visual gisting)
Authors may enjoy purchasing a 22 x 34 publicity poster with a giant word cloud generated from the text of their book (sample).

A premium version of the Document Analysis Tools is available that provides batch services and cross-corpus analysis suitable for an author or publisher's entire oeuvre.

A version of the online store that uses test data will be available  soon with a few test products.

Also available soon - build an e-book with a single click!