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  • For the time being, 1) do not include any special characters such as &, !, and <> and 2) short titles of 2-3 words work best (longer titles will not wrap properly).

  • Provide a super-concise nutshell summary of your book's main message or topic.

  • Add a single document file or a zip of a folder.

  • Please enter seed phrases here, one per line. Phrases can include commas and may be any number of words although two or three usually works best. *Don't* use commas to separate key phrases; they must be one per line at this point.

    PageKicker's robots will look for content related to these terms and include it in the book. Robots interpret the seed terms as mandatory.

    Use this area to describe the book that you want us to build. It is helpful if you provide a theme sentence followed by sentences that describe the content of the book. Avoid using metaterms like "chapter" or "part" as they might be unduly weighted.

  • The book will contain only permissioned content in this language. If you would like PageKicker to add support for your language, please send an email to

  • Choose a member of the PageKicker team to build your ebook, or create your own robot!

  • Font to be used in the cover.

    Select the color for the cover. There are more than 500 colors available in the full dropdown, but the first 15 or so usually work fine. For all the gory details, see the color help page.

  • If you select this option, your name will appear on the cover instead of the PageKicker robot author. You must fill in the "your name" field or the option will be ignored.

    Enter your name here as you wish it to appear on the cover.

  • You must enter your email address here so that we can notify you when the book is built.

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